Friday, July 8, 2011

Reading for the weekend

My project at work has wound down a little bit so I'm looking forward to some R&R this weekend.  There will probably be at least one other sprint just before I start school and wrap up my time here so I'm trying to take advantage of the free time I get as I get it.  Hoping for some good weather around here!

Here are some articles to kick off your weekend:

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  1. Hm, I've never heard of consumptive smoothing. Going to check that last link out now...

  2. Jobs during college: driving Amish to their market at 6:00 on Saturdays, librarian (federal work study program), translating/working with immigrants to help with their applications with INS, teacher assistant to special needs children, driving Amish during the summers, and housesitting.

  3. Amanda - Those are some really interesting jobs! Did you go to college in Pennsylvania?