Monday, October 3, 2011

Best of Money Carnival #123

I'm honored to be hosting the Best of Money Carnival.  I really enjoy this carnival since it's all about finding the most useful and well-written content out there in a week.  So with out further ado, here are my picks of the week.  Hopefully you find something that's useful for you, because I was very impressed with all of the submissions this week.

10.) Neal Frankle presents Balloon payment mortgage ? Good or Bad Idea? posted at Wealth Pilgrim. If you are asking yourself , "should I refinance my mortgage or buy property now?”, you’re smart to consider all your mortgage alternatives.

9.) Trent Green presents Invest Successfully in Stocks by Thinking of Companies as Money-Making Machines posted at Money for Regular People. At their core, well-run companies are simply money-making machines. This article reviews 3 principles to help you maintain that investor-oriented focus.

8.) FMF presents My New Credit Card Strategy posted at Free Money Finance. 6% is the new 2%! Here's how I make 5% to 6% cash back on the majority of my credit card charges.

7.) Boomer presents Treating Your Marriage Like a Business (Financially) posted at Boomer & Echo. Fewer partnerships would end in divorce if the people involved would think more objectively about their finances and how they will handle them together. That means treating your business like a marriage.

6.) The Financial Blogger presents The Thing About Blogging That Most of us Forget posted at The Financial Blogger. For some reason we tend to forget this one thing... [I'm guilty of this...]

5.) Robert presents The Wedding is Important, but the Future is Vital posted at The College Investor. An important look at saving on the wedding to save for the future.

4.) Miss T. presents How to Give to Charity Without Spending Money posted at Prairie Eco-Thrifter. Many of us want to give to charity but it isn’t always possible to give money when you’re struggling financially yourself. This doesn’t mean that you can’t demonstrate your support in other ways.

3.) Evan presents I Feel Guilty Making Unnecessary Purchases posted at My Journey to Millions. I feel literally guilty when I even think about the action of purchasing items I don’t need. It is almost like buyer’s remorse prior to actually purchasing the item.

2.) Darwin presents Seriously, a 9% Risk-Free Return in 1 Month. Here's How posted at Darwin's Money. Here's how I earned a 9% return in 1 month - risk-free! This is a once per year opportunity that few people take advantage of! [This has saved me a bundle as well...]

And my hands-down favorite of the posts was..........

1.) Are You Seriously Committed To Saving, Or Still Committed To The Short-Term? posted at Smart On Money by Mr. Money. In today's current economic climate, luxuries of years past have been stripped away, such as two cars in the garage, constantly updated wardrobes, and state-of-the-art technology. But relatively speaking, are these really sacrifices, and do we remain tasked with having to sacrifice much more in order to survive impending economic calamity?

 Thanks to all the bloggers who submitted! Next week's carnival will be hosted by Squirrelers.

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