Friday, October 28, 2011

Money thoughts of the week

  1. Dealing with investment accounts shouldn't be as hard as it is.  I'm trying to roll over a deferred comp plan from an old employer and am dealing with hold times, approval on the back end, emails, and plenty of forms that have to be faxed or mailed in.  If they can verify my identity online or by phone why can't I give them the rollover information that way?  That's 20th century innovation, not even 21st.
  2. I'm thinking about trying to get an investment management job for this summer.  Combine some of my passion for personal finance with my analytical, quantitative personality and experience.  As someone with no background in finance I don't know how possible this is but I'm going to try.  I think I'll be re-reading Benjamin Grahm's The Intelligent Investor and trying to find a few stocks that are undervalued so I can "pitch" if necessary (I also need to learn more about this process).  Advice, anyone?
  3. This blog is so not for the money and I don't think I'd have the time to truly grow it and monetize it in a worthwhile way even if I really wanted it to be a "business".
  4. I'm more and more convinced that moving to a low cost of living area post-MBA is the best way to get the most value out of the hours worked.  Plus these tend to be more laid back cities or towns (as well as work environments) which is more our speed any way.  Our very small sample size of totally unscientific research has shown that companies in no way come close to adjusting salaries to fully match disparities in cost of living and a couple companies (BCG I've heard is one) don't adjust salaries at all.  So perhaps the South or Southwest is in our future.  I'd be okay with that in many cases and have no desire to live in NYC post-MBA anyway.
  5. This is not directly related to personal finance but my theory that screaming hurts your bottom line is only being reinforced by conversations I'm having with other students here.  There are certain industries and companies (you know who they are) where this behavior is acceptable or tolerated.  I think it's driving young talent and productivity out the door and creating resentment towards the companies involved.
Thoughts on any of the above? What are you thinking about money this week?

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with point number 4. I just moved to Houston, TX about a year ago from Baltimore, Maryland. Before Baltimore, I used to live in NYC. I can definitely attest to the fact a dollar goes a LOT further here than it does in the NE.