Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My latest money-saving technique is... comfort

We all know how money can buy us creature comforts, but lately I've been finding that craving comfort has been saving me money. Like my laziness, I've been finding benefit to another vice.

I've been wearing an old pair of beater shoes that I got for $10 to walk to work instead of my expensive (relatively speaking) dress shoes.  The old pair of shoes is super comfortable and probably better for my feet to walk in too.  The dress shoes hang out under my desk full-time unless there's a special occasion. So I'm putting my walking miles on a pair of shoes that don't have to look great, were bought at a lower price, and would be cheaper to replace than my dress shoes, but the impetus was totally comfort. 

My SO and I spent some time last night mending our fitted sheet which had about an 8 inch rip in it instead of buying new.  The sheet has been washed so many times that the material is pretty thin but it's also super soft.  Those sheets are seriously the best thing I've ever slept on.  I can't bear the thought of giving them up so my SO and I split the work of stitching up the rip while drinking some wine.

We decided that our summer vacation would be close to home this year instead of involving a cross-country or ocean flight.  There's a huge cost savings there of $500 per person, but honestly a big factor was that two hours in car to drive to a nearby campsite is way more comfortable than a six+ hour plane ride with no food, no leg room, and no control over who you sit with.

Does craving comfort save you money?  Where does it cost you money?

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  1. I'm afraid I do that with clothes. I'll keep old raggedy jeans and shirts long past the point where the Mrs. wants to donate them to Salvation Army.

  2. 101 Centavos - I'm also completely guilty of that. My SO tactfully reminds me that they should be "around the house" clothes.

  3. I think this is an area that I struggle with. When you are frugal it is hard to let things go. I've always found that while hanging onto things that are past there time to be comfortable, it can start to have a domino effect and before you know it the shabbiness has run amuck. In addition, everything will need to replaced at once when it finally just gives.

  4. Tessa, I have that trouble too. I often think of ways to use old items in crafts, sewing projects, jewelry making, etc. Then I don't take the time to actually make those projects. Now if I stopped blogging . . . I might make more of those projects! lol