Wednesday, October 5, 2011

$50 529 bonus

Just wanted to let you guys know about some free money for college or grad school that's available right now.  College Advantage, the Ohio 529 provider, is offering a $50 bonus for new accounts through November 18th.  You have to open with at least $100 which has to remain in the account until after March 15, 2012 at which point the $50 bonus will be deposited.  This works out to a 100%APY since you get a 50% return in six months.  $50 isn't a ton of money but it's free and a good excuse to start saving for anyone who's been procrastinating.  I've had an account with them for myself for around two years now started with a previous bonus offer and I have no complaints.  I've been in a Vanguard bond fund that's done quite well.  So no bonus for me this time (nor referral bonus), but I thought this might be helpful.

From their website:
Don't miss our $50 bonus offer when you open a new CollegeAdvantage direct account with a minimum $100 initial contribution. Promotion code PLAN will automatically populate the enrollment application when you click through here to begin the enrollment process. Offer ends November 18, 2011. Note: The $50 bonus contribution will be applied on or about March 15, 2012. View $50 Bonus Offer Rules.

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