Thursday, September 29, 2011

School has taken over my life

Well, so much for trying to keep a posting schedule.  I am completely inundated by the emails, work, classes, and activities of school and trying to keep a sane eating, exercise, and sleep schedule.  So let me give you some quick hits on how my money has been doing in this first month (!!!).

  • I haven't been thinking about it. Mint's been sending me irritating "where have you gone, we have sweet features" emails since I haven't logged in in so long.  I could have been the victim of identity theft or had all my investment or savings accounts drained and had no idea.  PS - Mint your features have been sucking last I checked.
  • On the plus side this means I've been too busy to worry about $$$ in any way.
  • It's nice to get that final bonus pay check a few weeks after you've stopped working.
  • My SO is saving my ass on the cooking, shopping, cleaning front.  Officially the only reason we've been near normal on our food expenses.
  • Socializing with new friends and classmates has been a lot cheaper than I was expecting.  House parties and potlucks have been incorporated as semi regular features of the get togethers though they are never explicitly termed such.
  • I have paid for parking.  It was outrageous.  But needed.
  • I have bought food on campus.  It was much less outrageous and not needed, but a well deserved breather in the need to cook.
  • Eating healthy, home-cooked food, exercising, and sleeping sane amounts are the only things keeping my life together.  Money is a side benefit of our cooking now, the prime ones are health and normalcy.
  • MBAs are price sensitive, their sensitivity is just calibrated a factor of ~5 higher than mine.
  • I'll be updating my guesses on a two-year budget.... someday.  Right now I don't think I'm doing bad, but with no data (see #1) it's hard to say.
  • When there is free food on campus (often) people tend to go for the junk over the healthy, but more expensive fruit and veggie options. I am totally guilty of this, but hope to be better (for health reasons) now that I'm aware.

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