Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Practical gifts to save money

Gift giving to promote frugality may not be the sexiest wish list and may be met with some puzzled stares, but for my birthday I'd love to get something totally practical that helped me achieve my financial goals.  (NB: I am so not normal in this regard, your gift recipients may vary).  I hate gifts for the sake of meeting a social obligation and impractical gifts in general.  Cut flowers, gift certificates to stores I never go to like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, knickknacks or a T-shirt from your latest vacation are all things I would rather do without.  I'd rather get no gift at all and save everyone the trouble than get something I don't need.

I really want practical gifts.  Even better would be gifts that save me money.  These would truly be gifts that kept on giving.  So what would be on my ultimate money saving gift wish list?
  • Really good tupperware to make brown bagging easier and less messy
  • Bike gear like lights and a rack to help me commute and run errands without my car
  • A good, energy efficient slow or pressure cooker, compact please to fit my small home
  • A kill-a-watt electricity meter might never be cost effective if we bought it ourselves, but I'd love to get it as a gift
  • New camping gear to promote frugal vacations 
  • An oil spritzer to reduce mess and cut down on our use of olive oil
  • Money is always a good stand by 
  • Socks - I hate shopping and wear through socks like crazy.  Please solve my problem for me. 
  • Consumables like wine, beer, excellent cheese and other substances I can enjoy and avoid eating out, but stop taking up room quickly
Would you want to find any of these items under your Christmas tree?  What items would you like to get that would help you slash your budget? Do you know anyone who would welcome gifts that supported frugality?

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    1. Great list! I'd add: new sneakers to promote walking and exercising, gift cards to places people register, so Bed Bath and Beyond would be great for me! I have a lot of weddings coming up this year and gift cards would really help!

    2. I think cold hard cash would be the most beneficial to me:)

      Aside from that though, just peace and goodwill, and knowing a family member cares is enough as is.

    3. This is exactly my kind of list as well! My BF laughed at how excited I was to receive a slow cooker last year...until he ate some of the amazing chili I made in it... :)

    4. I'd love practical gifts but people don't seem to take the time to figure out what would be practical for each person, even when they try to give practical gifts. My mom gave me a very nice jacket, but it had no hood and I can't wear it most of the year between snow and rain.