Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Recruiting thoughts from midway through

Recruiting is still going full steam on campus at the moment with new job postings and seminars, but it's become a more diversified offering.  the first couple months were heavily dominated by banks and management consulting firms, very big companies and the like.  These offerings employ about half of a typical MBA class.  The i-bank and consulting interview process is fast and time consuming.  Back to back to back interviews weren't uncommon and if you made it through that you were in for more of the same at their office in a "super day".  They may have been miserable going through it but that half is now in one of three camps:

1.) They got an offer and accepted it. Good and thankfully common.  The hiring market for internships this year seems to be a-okay, knock on wood.
2.) They got multiple offers and are debating between them.  Very good.
3.) They got no offers are in panic mode.  Very bad but also very rare.

There are a lot more non-profits, healthcare companies, tech startups and more around these days. Many people are looking beyond even that and leveraging their networks and the school's to find niche positions in an industry of interest.  This approach is a lot of work but yields some of the most rewarding and exciting opportunities.  Of course while you're doing it you're totally envious of your consulting friends who have their internship in the bag and are spending their free time having fun but come summer they're the ones who will likely be jealous. 

The light at the end of the tunnel can now be seen and it will be so good when it's all over. 

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