Thursday, December 1, 2011

End of year financial agenda

Now that it's December it's officially time to begin wrapping up 2011 and prepping for 2012.  I'm a little sad about this - 2011 was really good for me - but I'm also excited to be headed into what will hopefully be an even better next year.  Plus, to be honest at this point I am SO ready from a break from classes and school.  I really want some time and space to think and hash out some ideas I've had recently which is what business school is supposed to be all about but hasn't been happening.

But, for the purely money aspects of 2011, here's my remaining to do list:
  1. Run some numbers to see how much I can afford to contribute to my Solo 401k for the year
  2. Figure out if I can pay spring tuition in 2011 or 2012 and if I have the choice which one do I want (leaning towards 2011 if possible)
  3. After running more numbers and looking at a calendar combine 1 & 2 to decide if and how much to buy of Series I Treasury bonds in December
  4. Do some leg work to figure out if I can deduct my MBA.  My preliminary research is that I won't be able to since I'm not continuing in the same line of business but it's a lot of money and I'm not sure what course I'll be pursuing after graduation so I'm still feeling uncertain about what I should do.
  5. I've earned a little bit from the blog this year and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to reinvest or if I should just take it, pay the taxes and use it to pad my savings or up my splurges in the next year.
I think that's it.  So if you have advice on any of the above let me know!

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1 comment:

  1. You *may* be able to deduct some of your education related expenses including equipment, supplies, office space, etc (remember, fellowships are still taxable income) for an MBA. If it were doctorate, you certainly could deduct "reasonable" expenses.

    I would love some tips on Series I Treasury bonds!

    Happy holidays!