Friday, July 29, 2011

Reading for the weekend

This week I was profiled at Asking About Money.  I answered ten questions about my relationship with money so check out the profile to see my answers.  Asking About Money is totally new and I'm very excited to see where it goes.  The idea is to compile a lot of answers to the same question so you can see how people like you have dealt with similar issues.  They're looking for profiles so contact them if you'd like to join the fun!

In the last week I had a few guest posts:
And the big surprise of the week was my guest post on paying cash for my MBA which got published at Money Saving Mom without a word.  I didn't know that it was even being considered, much less going to be published, until my traffic spiked!  

So if you're a new reader from Money Saving Mom or any of these other sites, welcome and thanks for sticking around!  You can subscribe to posts via email or RSS using the links in the upper right of the website.  You can also get updates through Twitter and Facebook

This week I was also featured in the Totally Money blog carnival at Family Money Values for my post on Handling Money as a Couple and was included in the Festival of Frugality at Parenting Family Money for my Eat Slower, Spend Slower! post.Finally, I was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance at Dealerity for Luxuries on a Small Budget.

If that's not enough reading for you than check out the carnivals for more ;)

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  1. great that you got posted on MSM congrats

  2. Fantastic about your post being accepted at Money Saving Mom! I read her blog everyday.