Friday, July 22, 2011

A quick, easy, and cheap dessert

Since it's Friday and it's awfully hot in many parts of the country I thought I would share with you a no cook dessert we invented last night instead of a real post.

We invented the dessert trifecta of perfection last night.  Something simple and easy to prepare, tasty, and we almost always have the cheap ingredients already on hand.  I really wanted ice cream or at least some kind of dessert last night, but hiking out to the store seemed a long and arduous journey.  I thought about making cookies instead, also too hard.  I thought about asking my SO to make me cookies, no luck.  So I had to get creative.  I invented (I'm taking credit though I bet I read about someone doing this and just can't remember) a delicious dessert simple and easy enough that I talked my SO into making it for me. 

Since I am a generous genius I will be sharing the recipe with you.  Thanks can be sent in the form of checks, beer, or an ice cream delivery service.

Peanut butter oat balls  
 (Anyone have a better name for these? Obviously my genious is only for inventing desserts and not naming them.)
 In order of importance (because we never actually measure anything when cooking):
  1. Sugar
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Oats
Sugar is the most important ingredient because this is dessert, duh,  peanut butter comes first in the dessert's name so that's next, and  finally oats because they're mainly there for texture.  If you're a texture person please feel free to swap items 2 and 3.

Okay, so let's do some lazy math since we're making a lazy dessert.  Ice cream, my original craving, costs between $2 and $7 at our local grocery store depending on brand, sales, and size.  This recipe cost us roughly $1 for all the ingredients.  Luckily my SO's labor is free.  I will also make the completely unsubstantiated claim that my genius dessert is healthier than ice cream.  If you use the peanuts and salt version of peanut butter, which my SO is addicted to, you will find that you can even pronounce all four of the ingredients with a second grade reading level. 

Okay, on to the steps.
  1. Put ingredients in a bowl
  2. Mix
  3. Sample
  4. Add more of something
  5. Mix
  6. Sample
  7. Repeat until delicious or full, hopefully the former first and the latter second
  8. Roll into balls to eat by hand or eat with your mixing fork straight out of the bowl
What are your lazy meals or desserts?  I'll admit to a fondness for chocolate Jello pudding which I'll occasionally buy a box of mix for (the store brand stuff doesn't compare, it doesn't set up right.  One of the few generics I've been truly disappointed in).  What's yours?

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  1. Best recipe directions ever. I need to buy some peanut butter this weekend so I can try these.

  2. Hehehehehe--actually sounds really good! Even semi-healthy!

  3. Sounds good! Peanut butter and oatmeal are two of my go to items for quick and easy meals, seperate usually. Peanut butter with honey on some bread has become my go-to study snack. I'm also working on my MBA, living on a GA stipend.

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE IT! I'm a college student also on a pretty tight budget, ALSO paying for my degree without taking out loans. I'm sure your tips will really help me, and who knows -- maybe you can find a few cheap recipes on my blog to help you out! Cooking at home is such a money-saver, and I love doing it.

    PB on anything is a great snack, in my opinion. I like to make it cheap by buying dry-roasted peanuts in bulk and making my own peanut butter in a food processor :)

  5. Jana and Amanda - Thanks!

    Jessie - I love peanut butter and honey. Great to hear from other MBA students!

    thefirstkitchen - I'll have to check out your blog! I never thought about making my own peanut butter...

  6. Absolutely brilliant. Only way it could be improved might be with some panckake syrup or honey.

  7. Hi! I'm new here but I've already enjoyed reading your posts! Quick question-what does SO stand for?

  8. Significant Other. Enjoy

  9. My favorite dessert is a free one... I just got a ton of free Popsicles. I'm eating them like crazy.

  10. 101 Centavos - Honey does sound good!

    Frugal Student - Free is the best ;)

  11. Sounds pretty good. I love oatmeal and peanut butter!

  12. I once made something like this... almond butter, crispy rice instead of oats,some honey, some broken walnuts, some cocoa powder and spread it on a plate and froze. Then broke it into chunks and stored it in a ziplocin a freezer. My DIY kitkat bar :) Was so yummmm! easy, cheap, tasty, healthy!