Sunday, May 8, 2011

What I've been reading this week

Here are some of the interesting things I found to read this week:

  • Net Worths by Age Groups at Free Money Finance - I found this data on median and 25th and 10th percentile net worths by age group to be fascinating and a little disappointing.  I'm nearly to the 10th percentile for my age group! But the median is so small - my peers have what I'd consider a very low net worth.
  • Your Take: A Driving Tax? at Bargaineering - A driving tax based on miles driven is an interesting question.  I'm not sure our government has a good handle on taxing the environmental impacts of driving.
  • Housing Bubble History: Book covers from 2005-Present at My Money Blog - In hindsight these book covers are hilarious.  How did no one see how ridiculous it was at the time?
  • What is the "Bottom"? at The Simple Dollar - This article raises some really good points about helping others in financial trouble.  It also made me feel really bad for the reader who wrote in - she helped out of the goodness of her heart and was treated very poorly.  Her sibling wouldn't even clean up their dog's waste when it went in the house!
  • So You Want To Invest In Real Estate? A Tale of How One Average Guy Got Started at 20s Money - We've been considering purchasing a rental property for a while and it's a big decision so any extra  information is really useful.
  • Coupled Up=Money in the Bank at Well Heeled Blog - The comments were good.  It was interesting to hear how living together impacted other people's relationships.

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