Friday, May 6, 2011

Tracking progress and staying anonymous

So I've been wrestling with how to track my progress here and still remain anonymous.  I need to look at how much my program costs versus how much I have and track the remainder (I hope) or the resulting debt.  If I put up my school's exact student budget it will tell you which school I go to which is a little too close to home for my comfort. So I think I will take an average of the "top 5" MBA programs' costs and use that instead.  So my student budget for the blog will be:

Top 5 Average
Tuition and Fees $53,946
Health Insurance  $3,153
Room and Board  $21,088
Books and Supplies  $4,163
Total  $82,349

It's not precise, but it's a reasonable benchmark.  When I get my aid package I think I'll scale any grant money I get based on how the average budget compares to my actual student budget so the remainder ends up the same.  The cost after aid is what is really important here after all.  Does that sound reasonable?

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  1. that's per year not for the whole degree!

  2. Anonymous, you're right! It would be twice that much for the whole degree, close to $165,000. I'm taking it one year at a time.