Thursday, April 21, 2011

Personal Balance Sheet - April 2011

I'd like to keep a record of how my finances change as I go through my MBA program.  I'll post now, while my savings are almost as high as they'll get, sometime this summer or early fall after I've paid my first bill and probably quarterly thereafter. Here's where I stand financially:

Account Balance
Cash $30,000.00
Credit -$1,000.00
529 $8,000.00
Retirement $70,000.00
Net $107,000.00

Cash is my checking and savings accounts.  I'm definitely going to use some of this along with my 529 to pay my tuition bill this summer but will leave a portion for living expenses.  Credit is my current credit card balance which is paid off at the end of every month.  Retirement accounts are the bulk of my assets with about $25,000 in a Roth IRA.  I don't think I want to liquidate any of these to pay for my MBA though the Roth's contributions would be penalty free.  As you can see I may need a minor miracle to meet my goal of not resorting to student loans while also not touching my retirement accounts.

Do you track your net worth?  How often do you check?

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