Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Risks of Living On Credit

It is always difficult to live frugally when all around you seem to have more possessions, more money and simply more fun. There are few people in the world who do not enjoy having new, enjoyable possessions which can make life easier, more varied and overall just more fun. The risk of seeing life in […]

Cash vs Credit – The Battle Lines Are Drawn

It is a certain fact that where credit used to be the preserve of a few people with major disposable income, now loans and credit cards are common parts of life for most sections of society. This has led to situations where it is assumed that the less well-off are the people who like to […]

Why Do We Use Credit?

When someone falls into debt due to a history of using credit there is invariably a rush of questions as to why they saw fit to borrow so much in the first place. Part of the reason is the way that credit has been sold by the banks – if you apply today you could […]

A Life Of Debt

Since about a decade ago, the rise in numbers of people using credit to fund larger purchases has been steep. We have definitely become more impatient as a society, and this has meant that where we see an opportunity to acquire expensive consumer items we are unlikely to spurn that opportunity. Due to the rise […]

Your Credit Rating And What It Affects

Any time you take out credit for the purposes of making a purchase, or for any other reason in fact, this information goes onto a file which is held by any one (or more) of a number of credit monitoring agencies in your country. Any payments you make (or miss) and any changes to your […]

Consumer Debt Consolidation

If someone makes you an offer for debt consolidation when you don’t seem to be able to find any way out of your bad debt situation, take it. Sure, it is just another way to borrow and owe again, but this time you don’t owe to as many parties as before. Chances are that you […]

Get Debt Consolidation Loans

You can bail out of town and start life all over someplace else on the globe, but that would mean leaving behind all that you have worked your entire life for. Instead, you should try debt consolidation. You can have it all paid off in no time. Getting a debt consolidation loan can be the […]

Debt Consolidation Credit Cards

If you’ve got several credit cards with different companies, the chances are they are scattered all over the place and monitoring them may be a little bit tricky for you. With debt consolidation, you can afford to monitor the way your finances move because it will all be embedded in a single point. Debt consolidation […]

Online Debt Consolidation Application

The application process for online debt consolidation is far faster than in person application. Online processing of debt consolidation applications is often faster in terms of feedback; hence the reason why a lot of people prefer it. Online debt consolidation loans can be up to $25,000 with a repayment period that varies between 3 and […]

Get Debt Consolidation Plans

You should endeavor to weigh the pros and the cons of any debt consolidation plan before signing up to ensure that it is the right one for you. Bear in mind that you will not necessarily save cash with all debt consolidation plans. Do not consolidate your debts if your interest rate on them is […]