Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I'm excited for

Frugality can seem so down and dour.  How can I cut expenses? Do I really need that?  What else can I penny pinch?  So let me fill you in on some things I'm excited about and their relative frugality:
  • Having my bike all fixed up and kitted out for commuting this fall - I'm very excited to have this done a little bit before classes start so I have some time to do some fun riding too.  Biking is so much faster than walking and I'm excited to explore our area in a new way.  Yeah, my bike's been out of commission for a while.
    • Frugal? - Commuting by bike yes.  The $100 I've spent on gear in the last several weeks, maybe, maybe not.  Cheap as I could make it while still buying stuff that will last and it should pay for itself through transportation savings within one to two months of commuting by bike.
  • One week of vacation - I have one blissful week of unscheduled vacation that I'm taking off before school starts. My SO and I arranged to take the same week off so we'll get some quality time in relaxing before business school busyness sets in.
    • Frugal? - We're staying relatively local and definitely cheap so the vacation won't be expensive, but I won't be getting paid during that week either.  So as frugal as this vacation could be and still serve its purpose.
  •  Picking out a few fiction books for vacation - I recently rediscovered our local library (it's been a busy summer!) and am looking forward to picking out some books to read that don't have to serve any purpose and having time to read them or at least use them to shield my face from the sun while I nap.
    • Frugal? - Definitely!
  • Starting business school - I'm really excited to start classes and dig in and learn something new.  Does that make me a total dork?  I'm also looking forward to meeting all the really sweet people who are going to be my peers and network for the next two years and beyond.
    • Frugal? - Is spending six-figures on a degree frugal?  The first semester is a sunk cost so I might as well make the most of it ;)
  • Enjoying the remainder of summer - We have a picnic, outdoor theater, outdoor movie and a museum visit on our agenda in the coming weeks plus some long walks to enjoy the weather and the time we have now. I'm also trying to plan a fun outing by bike to celebrate being done with the bike work!
    • Frugal? - Super! It's all free!  Now I just have to make time for all of it...
What are you looking forward to right now?  Is it frugal?

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    1. I am glad you are looking forward to so many frugal things. I love frugal activities, we are going to picnic at the lake today and stop by the library.

      p.s. Congrats on your GRS post today!

    2. We are taking a week vacation at the end of the month. We're being frugal by renting a place (no hotel) and splittig it with our in-laws who we get along with very well. This will mean a great vacation at a lot less cost than we normally would spend for a week just as a family.

    3. We really started watching our food budget in an effort to be more frugal. We plan out meals on Sunday for the rest of the week so we know exactly what we're eating that night. This also helps with curbing the temptation to eat out or just pick something up.

    4. Commuting by bike? Definitely frugal.

    5. I like the commuting by bike idea. It will save you $$$ and give you a nice work out. The vacation is a good idea since the work will be intense.

    6. I love commuting by bike. A couple of years ago, I was averaging about 1,000 miles/year. I've slowed down a bit, but my goal is to get back up to this amount soon. So very frugal, and good for you. ;)