Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Links

The Weakonomist put out a link round up yesterday and he's gathered some good ones, go check it out.

Military to Business has a great discussion about serving in the National Guard or Reserves while in business school.  This hadn't occurred to me as a way to support yourself, but I'm not from a military background either.

The Freakonomics blog has some great charts arguing that we're halfway to a lost decade.  The article hits on a great point of controlling for population growth when talking about individuals' economic well being.

Kevin at 20s Money has a great point when he argues that you may not invest well but you should do so anyway.

Similarly, Kris at Everyday Tips is giving important advice when she says you must diversify your retirement savings now.

My Journey to Millions has a straight shooting post about how you spend your free time and using it to be productive.

There's a thorough discussion of the pros and cons of becoming a one car household at Sustainable PF.

Many of the Yakezie bloggers had swaps up this week detailing their biggest financial mistakes.  I found all the posts really interesting since I'm pretty risk averse and sometimes feel like I don't make enough mistakes.

Enjoy your weekend!

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